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Hi!! my name is Lisandra but you can call me Lis. I'm a frustrated actress. I sing, draw and write occasionally but my work is awful.
Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump, Panic! at the disco, Marina & the Diamonds. Movies in general, Inception, Harry Potter, Glee, Dr, House, Skins, and random stuff

Live DJ set from @Mint400prod in one hour - it out. #TheAtticView more Lucas Grabeel on WhoSay


Live DJ set from @Mint400prod in one hour -
Check it out. #TheAttic

View more Lucas Grabeel on WhoSay

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Pumpkin patch, 10.18.14

Pumpkin patch, 10.18.14

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"Women are more likely to be attracted to personality and men are more likely to be attracted to physical appearance"

woah maybe that’s because we teach women to see men as people and we teach men to see women as objects


this isn’t even accurate.

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kill the idea that small boobs aren’t good boobs

Dude, I would totally prefer smaller breasts. Large breasts are heavy and can cause back pain (I have that, ow). They also have the same amount of nerves, no matter what the size, so a large breasted woman is going to be less sensitive than a small breasted woman and I’m just so envious.

I really don’t want the back pain anymore.

kill the idea of “bad boobs”

I suddenly felt bad for having big boobs… :(

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telling ur friends about a dream u had

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women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego

this post is stupid as hell

case in point 

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